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re: unhappy customer

hey there...
the question to ask yourself is "could my 80 yearold grandmother pick up 
a cd and get this O.S. running AND on the internet within 2hrs."
that is the crowd that M$ is aiming for...tbe home user...
MANY times have i been in 'Best Buy' and have seen 40,50, 80 year old 
mothers/grandmothers/dads/grads picking up the latest M$ operating 
when asked they normally know the brand name of the computer but little 
to NO information about the specifications of their hardware...
(side note: i once saw a sales guy going nuts as he tried to explain to 
one couple that M$ XP just would NOT run on their 1996 486pc 
system--they just didnt understand why it wouldnt work--- they had 
windows on it already and it was working fine for what they wanted they 
just thought it was now time to upgrade(win3.xx)) 
Apple won alot of fans with the 2plug ads---plug in the power cord plug 
in the phoneline and you can be online in 30 minutes
Average joe user wants an appliance that will get him his email and 
porn...he doesnt care about the "openness" of the software or joining a 
revolution, he just wants his 'puter to work like his TV and toaster 
does (pause from rant)


* on 03-22-04, Number Six wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 08:55:57AM -0500, Bill White wrote:
> > I think Debian is hard to install.  The magazine reviewers all
> > say Debian is too hard to install, and the lists see a huge
> > number of people saying it's too hard to install.  Now you have
> > a user who says it's too hard to install, and you ridicule him.
> >
> > Maybe it's too hard to install.
> It takes a month, and about 15 clean do-overs.  Each individual
> element
> of hardware and eye/ear-candy is a journey of discovery (except
> for
> things like LPT ports and hard drives which "just work").

For the record, I've never found Debian hard to install, even when I
didn't know much about Linux.  I see people say the installer sucks
everywhere I look, but it was fairly intuitive for me.  I was
evening installing over the net using a PC card, and had no real
problems.  Sure, I had the odd install go haywire on me every now
and then, but out of probably 25 Debian installs, this only happened
two or three times.

I realize I must be in the minority, and that Red Hat's installer
*is* pretty, but I just don't see Debian's installer as the
egregious UI disaster some make it out to be.

My two cents.

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