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Re: Unhappy customer

On Mon, 22 Mar 2004 08:55:57 -0500, Bill wrote:

> I must say that I have installed 5 or 6 Debian systems. I am a Ph.D. 
> Computer Scientist, with 30 or so years of programming experience,
> and more if you count the time I spent in the 1960s haunting the
> computer rooms of Washington University in St. Louis trying to learn
> how to teach PDP8s to do computer graphics in 6th grade.

> I think Debian is hard to install. The magazine reviewers all say
> Debian is too hard to install, and the lists see a huge number of
> people saying it's too hard to install. Now you have a user who says
> it's too hard to install, and you ridicule him.

> Maybe it's too hard to install.

The problem with the original complaint, and yours - to a lesser
degree, is that you are both just saying it is too hard.

The original user, I would say, got mocked because of the way his
complaint was presented, not because of its message ("it's too hard to

If you really wanted to improve things, the least you could do was to
document in which ways it is too hard, and suggest reasonable
improvements, in the context of Debian (saying "Do like distribution
X" is of course useless; why not just use distribution X then?)

Even better would, of course, be to do some of the work yourselves,
but you don't have to either do nothing at all or become a full blown
hardcore debian-installer guru over night.

Sorry for the non-curiosa rant.

  Best regards,

 "Mr. Cotton's... parrot. Same question."                     Adam Sjøgren

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