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Re: Unhappy customer

It's pretty easy to make things easy but not expressive.  It's also easy
to make things expressive but difficult to use.  The difficult part is
to make things expressive when necessary, but simple when possible.

My experience is that Windows takes the remaining case, but maybe that's
just me.

I also didn't say I didn't like Debian.  I said it was hard to install.
After all, it's on all my machines, and has been since slink.  I always
use apt, but until reasonably recently it's been hard to install without

It would help alot, I think, if dpkg/apt/apt-select/aptitude/dselect
and all were just not so slow.  There's not all that much data being
moved around, and I don't understand why it's so slow.

Ognjen Nastic wrote:
I would not say Red Hat's is any better. I'm not thinking that pretty helps, though it doesn't actively hurt. I'm thinking that the underlying mental model of dselect is not obvious. At least it isn't obvious to me, and I've screwed it up on more than one case. (I have to admit that I haven't installed Red Hat for more than 5 years, and that they may have gotten better.)

This is not a complaint about Debian in particular, though Debian is harder than Red Hat. It's a complaint about all of the Linux distributions I use.

Wow... people break Debian CDs,  CS don't like Debian, engineers prefer
Windows... Damn! :)
I personally think Debian is great the way it is. It may require a
higher technical level from it's users, but it seriously rocks if you
know what you're doing. That's why we have RedHat, Mandrake, and
Windows: for people who don't like Debian. I think things should stay
the way there are, as long as we have alternatives. What's wrong with


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