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RE: Unhappy customer

> I would not say Red Hat's is any better.  I'm not thinking 
> that pretty helps, though it doesn't actively hurt.  I'm 
> thinking that the underlying mental model of dselect is not 
> obvious.  At least it isn't obvious to me, and I've screwed 
> it up on more than one case.  (I have to admit that I haven't 
> installed Red Hat for more than 5 years, and that they may 
> have gotten better.)
> This is not a complaint about Debian in particular, though 
> Debian is harder than Red Hat.  It's a complaint about all of 
> the Linux distributions I use.

Wow... people break Debian CDs,  CS don't like Debian, engineers prefer
Windows... Damn! :)
I personally think Debian is great the way it is. It may require a
higher technical level from it's users, but it seriously rocks if you
know what you're doing. That's why we have RedHat, Mandrake, and
Windows: for people who don't like Debian. I think things should stay
the way there are, as long as we have alternatives. What's wrong with


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