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Re: spamassin??

On Tuesday 24 June 2003 16:23, Shawn McMahon wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 02:40:30PM +0100, Hugh Saunders said:
> > i know your not supposed to reply to spam but.. Why have spamassin if
> > even if the message is 500% likely to be spam it still gets delivered?
> What happens to the spam after spamassassin flags it is entirely up to
> the user.  Many users choose to still get the mail, just flag the
> subject line or even the headers.  Spamassassin doesn't reject mail.

For personal mail, it is of course very important not to lose mail. But for 
mailing lists, the situation is IMHO different. I think it would be 
absolutely o.k. to reject mails from a 3.0 score or upwards (of the last 694 
Debian mailing list mails in my folder, only 3 messages are above that 
threshold, and these are HTML messages, so they're probably genuine spam 
anyway), with debian-users possibly allowed up to the default 5.0 or so 
(because there's probably a few more legit HTML mails etc. from newbies).

The important thing is not to drop mail without notice. But I guess sending 
the spamassassin report back to the submitter with an explanation that their 
mail looks like spam would be ok on a mailing list, where this (IMHO) is not 
acceptable in personal communication.

from said 694 mails, only 10 score at 0 or greater, so the threshold could be 
even lower if the occasional false positive is allowed. This is with my own 
spamassassin installation and scores, which is slightly more aggressive than 
the default one.

-- vbi

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