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Re: Please don't misuse the debian/changelog to close bugs!

Subject: New functions for changelogs
Package: katie
Version: unavailable; reported 2003-06-25
Severity: wishlist

Please add new functions to katie, for automatically reopening,
reassigning, tagging and opening bugs in changelogs, so
katie understoods the following changelog

kde (1.2.3-17.23) unstable; urgency=low

  * "The i can't write mails until evolution is ported to qt" release
  * No new upstream release (Closes #12345 when released)

  * Gnome sucks (reopens: #1236, opens: #next)
  * X was missing a pic library (reassign #1234 xserver-xfree86)
    reported there already (merge #1234 #1235)
    and fixed already, too (tag #1234 fixed)
  * libpng might break again (reopen #127 in 1 month)
  * changelog does contain latin-1 chars äöü, instead of UTF-8
    (\000C\000l\000o\000s\000e\000s\000:\000 \000#\0001\0002\0008)
  * changelog shouldn't use UTF-16 either (opens: #next)
  * khtml needs to be ported to gtk for galeon.
    (opens: severity critical)

 -- Erich Schubert <erich@debian.org>  Wed, 25 Jun 2003 03:53:10 +0200

(similarities to existing package names are random and just represent my
personal dislikes, feel free to substitute them with your not-liked
desktop environment of choice. ;-) )

-- System Information:
Debian Release: GemDOS
Architecture: Siemens S35
Kernel: Linux bombadil 2.4.20-wolk4.2s #1 Son Jun 15 16:33:55 CEST 2003
Locale: LANG=de_DE@euro, LC_CTYPE=de_DE@euro

Erich Schubert
     erich@(vitavonni.de|debian.org)    --    GPG Key ID: 4B3A135C     (o_
 A man doesn't know what he knows until he knows what he doesn't know. //\
         Glück gleicht durch Höhe aus, was ihm an Länge fehlt.         V_/_
                          --- Robert Lee Frost

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