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Re: burning smell

> Know of any Electronic CAD systems that run on GNU/Linux, preferably
> Debian?

geda gschem and PCB are very excellent tools. I made both a 4 layer
ethernet board and a 6 layers strongarm board using these tools. PCB has
made quite a few usibility advances since then (check the sf CVS
version). One of the key advantages is that the file formats are text,
and not only do a number of tools exist for things like component
creation, but its really easy to make a quick script to do just about
anything. I don't know what someone meant by the "800x600" comment, I
generally use it at 1600x1200, I've used it at 1024x768, it'd still be
someone usefull at 800x600, but someone stunted due to only being able
to see so much at a time. PCB does take some learning, and it does have
good documentation. It relies on keyboard shortcuts a lot more than
other commercial packages, which is really nice IMHO. As far a spice,
geda has stuff to replace that iirc, so don't bother trying to download
the berekely stuff.

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