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Re: burning smell

On Sun, Apr 20, 2003 at 09:44:46PM -0700, Russ Dill wrote:
> > Know of any Electronic CAD systems that run on GNU/Linux, preferably
> > Debian?
> geda gschem and PCB are very excellent tools. I made both a 4 layer
> ethernet board and a 6 layers strongarm board using these tools. PCB has
> made quite a few usibility advances since then (check the sf CVS
> version). One of the key advantages is that the file formats are text,
> and not only do a number of tools exist for things like component
> creation, but its really easy to make a quick script to do just about
> anything. I don't know what someone meant by the "800x600" comment,

I think that was my comment - not on my own box at the moment, so can't
check back. I was talking about pcb, not geda, and referring to default
window sizes being too big for the screen so you can't see or click on
important controls.

> I generally use it at 1600x1200, I've used it at 1024x768, it'd still be
> someone usefull at 800x600, but someone stunted due to only being able
> to see so much at a time. 

Personal preference - I don't like running at more than 800x600 cos I can't
read stuff! Now, when I can get a 24" monitor for the same price I paid for
my current 17"...

> PCB does take some learning, and it does have
> good documentation. It relies on keyboard shortcuts a lot more than
> other commercial packages, which is really nice IMHO. As far a spice,
> geda has stuff to replace that iirc, so don't bother trying to download
> the berekely stuff.

Does it use the SPICE engine? Does it use standard SPICE-format models?
This is important, because (a) manufacturers provide such models and (b) the
SPICE engine is so widely used that it is thoroughly debugged, or at least
documented, as far as computational infelicities are concerned.


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