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Re: burning smell

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Daniel Dent wrote:

> Well, in theory its a bad idea to open up a PSU, what with
> the capacitors that can store lethal amounts of energy...

And the manufacturer is scared of people sueing because they hurt
themselves cause they stuck their fingers where they didn't belong.  I've
replaced probably a good two hundred or so fans over the years.

It's a pretty quick painless job.
Either way, definately easier to remove the broach from the inside, unless
you've got some fancy 100 dollar power supply taht you'd void the warranty
on by opening it.

I had an Antec 300S literally explode inside on Monday, the user shut the
PC off, turned it back on, and the capacitors started pooping, sparks
flew out the back, and smoke out the front of the case through the floppy

Pulled it apart, a quarter of the power supply board was toast.  Popped in
a spare power supply temporarily, the computer is fine.


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