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Re: burning smell

On Wed, 26 Mar 2003, Hugh Saunders wrote:

> > I'd be interested to know how it got in there if you ever work it out.  Is
> ermm, its in the corner of my bedroom, but it is directly under a large
> window which is open 80% of the time.

Ground floor, or upstairs?  Either way, "Really, who the hell throws a
[dragonfly]?" (Spot The Reference).

> > Also, don't be too surprised if the fan is cactus after removal -
> > IIRC, the motors in most of those fans rely on the movement to limit the
> > current.  No movement, no current limiting, and hence a very quickly dead
> > fan...
> I have some spare psu bits (including fan) do you recon its worth
> replacing the fan? or just stick an alternative psu?

If the fan is dead, just replace the whole PSU if you can.  No point
stuffing around.  There might be other "unhappy" bits in the PSU, anyway,
since it's been heat-stressed.

- Matt

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