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Re: Debian in few MB [Was Re: debian-trivia]

Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:

How do you install a Debian machine with e.g. only 8 MB?

What a great thread! Am not feeling alone any more with my 486/25 or some such laptop, 8MB RAM, 200MB hdd which almost makes me feel like a king among the low end guys 3:-)

Anyway, the tarball method always was too bothersome for me and the slip or plip stuff likewise. So finally I found a 4 floppy net install version of potato, and whoa, the pcmcia card was recognized (had to avoid "cardbus" and choose the older card manager type), got a bootable system and sucked the rest from the net. apt-get update was swapping for ages, of course, but now I have lynx running, may make the machine my firewall and router though. If not, would pine or mutt have less footprint, and should I use sendmail or something smaller? And vi rulez!

(BTW, 8MB was not enough RAM for booting the woody net install kernel).


Andreas v. Heydwolff

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