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Re: debian-trivia

On Sunday 05 January 2003 23:51, Amaya wrote:
> Steve M. Robbins dijo:
> > Since July of 2000, it's been running Debian linux as my firewall at
> > home.
> That's SO cool, but, is it running Woody?
> How do you keep up with security in hardware that old?
> My lapton is "younger" (P-200 MMX) and crawls with SID.

I also have a P-233-MMX with SID, and it crawled too, until I found out that 
my motherboard supported large DIMM's.. Now I have 256M (instead of 32M) and 
the system is reasonably fast. Dselect still uses about 10 seconds every time 
I go to the 'select' screen, but otherwise it is very workable... I just 
installed KDE3.1-rc6 on it, and it works great.. 

The only unfortunate thing is that I have now a 133Mhz Dimm working at half 
speed... ;-)

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