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Debian in few MB [Was Re: debian-trivia]

Thomas PARIS wrote:
On Sun Jan  5 at 08:45 (-0800), Josh Narins wrote:

Does anyone know the oldest piece of machinery, still
pingable, running Debian? What about not pingable?

For a friend of mine I installed potato on a 386/4MB/100MB. Had to cheat
to do it, that is to put the hard drive in another computer as 4MB is
not enough to install potato. And now that it is installed it can't do
much as as soon as you log in it starts using the swap. But it does
pretty well what it's being used for : sharing an ADSL connection. And
of course it's nice now to know that I can say: I did it! ;)

How do you install a Debian machine with e.g. only 8 MB?


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