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I sometimes use a car analogy to describe Debian in comparison to more
popular operating systems amongst friends at the pub.

For example:
Debian is a very powerful sports car. Heavily customized in any number
of ways. Driven by people who like to really push the car. However one
wrong move with the ultra sensitive steering wheel, you may end up on
the wall so to speak. Need to have a fair few skills just to understand
what all the little buttons on the steering wheel are used for.

And Windows? That would be like driving some very common car, like the
Ford or something. You have got to take it Ford garage for repairs.
Every has one. It is pretty boring, but it is user friendly.

Doesn't really work I know, but it may get some people to understand.


p.s. another analogy is Debian being a very sharp knife, whilst Windows
a blunt "user friendly" butter knife. The sharp knife may hurt the owner
in inexperienced hands, however in the right ones, get the job done very

On to, loka   17, 2002 at 10:51:11 -0500, Steve Johnson wrote:
> > Whereas if cars were like Linux, there would be no car dealers; you
> > would be required to either buy all the parts via mail order and
> > assemble the car yourself, or obtain a completed car directly from the
> > manufacturer in North Carolina or from a friend who could produce a copy
> > of his car with the push of a button.

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