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Re: Open Source or not? (Was: Unidentified subject!)

On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 02:07:13PM +0100, Dominic Rudisch wrote:
> "Paul E Condon,,," wrote:
> [... big-mega-snip ...]
> Actually, I guess the best way is a peaceful coexistence of free and
> non-free software. People could follow their ideals and/or people could
> make a living, and the one getting the most out of it is the one who
> should: Joe Eight-Bit, the ordinary user.
> So the crowd I'm in must be pretty much the same as yours, I guess (the
> "do your thing and let everybody do his" one).

 from a user point of view, this is ok. but too many times i've seen 
 close/proprietary software houses doing everything to obstruct the
 development of free software (so, not following the underlined (^^)
 statement). Not on a software quality and marketing level, but pushing
 on government, using corruption and other subtle tricks.
 This is a good reason for me to "blindly" support Open Source Software
 and try stop close source software, just giving people the opportunity
 to try and know what free software means, and thinking in black'n'white

> Maybe it would be a good idea to lock up Gates, Stallman etc. into a
> room and have them settle that issue once and for all... :->

 that would be nice ;)


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