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Re: Unidentified subject!

Dominic Rudisch wrote:

Rob Bradford wrote:

And of course non-free, dont forget that. :-P

(Okay, looks like thats getting quite a long rant. You have been warned.

So whats the big deal? On my pooter, I'm using non-free stuff such as


Okay, thats my rant, and thats enough of it. Love it, loathe it or leave
it, its up to you.
Just one last hint: Get that book "Just for fun" from that funny Finn
with the big nose. Read it. Think about what you read in it. IMO, the
lad has some pretty cool views.

I like open source, so perhaps I'm biased. Open source, in the Debian version,
involves the semi-automatic distribution of software over the
internet. In order to keep itself free of legal entanglements, it
must segregate software carefully according to its legal status, i.e.
Debian must respect the copyrights, semi-automatically. If it doesn't
the whole structure is in danger of collapse. Not good.

And, yes, people do have to eat, etc. There is a conflict between
ideas of property rights on software and rights of individual humans
to 'do their thing'. It will be interesting to see how it comes out.
I'm rooting to the 'do their thing' crowd.

Paul E Condon            | Failure is not an option.
pecondon@quiknet.com     | It's bundled with the software.

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