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Re: spam and debian-curiosa

On 2002-01-22 00:47 +0100 Jim Richards <grumpy@cyber4.org> wrote:
> I think I've had it with debian-curiosa. I get more spam from this
> list then everywhere else by and order of magnitude. I'm off. It's
> been fun, but the sprukers are cluttering my eyes.

On 2002-01-22 00:55 martin f krafft answered:
> i am on the same list. i really can't remember any spam recently.

There is that Korean unreadable stuff which is posted now and then. I
don't think debian-curiosa is any worse than the other Debian lists,
the all contain lots of spam. In fact, about the only spam I get
nowadays comes from the Debian list. It's very irritating. I really
think the lists only should accept messages from the members registered
with it, if any mail from non-members is received, it is put on hold
and the list owner has to approve it.

Is there any good reasons why the Debian lists has to accept messages
from non-members?


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