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Re: spam and debian-curiosa [ot]

* John Laur writes following text ... 
* [2002/01/22 08:29]

> I use it because I prefer it over the alternatives. I didn't know it was
> forbidden to send mail to the list with Outlook. Is it really that big
> of a stretch to compare my use of a non linux mailer to your use of a
> non-Debian distribution to write to this list? For what it's worth, my

 The use of Outlook is not forbidden, but you are kindly requested to
follow the netiquette. And that means writting your answer *under* (not
above) quoted text. And yes, you should cut original message to minimize
sent bytes. I don't know, but it is always the Outlook users that write
above quoted text - which makes me quite angry.



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