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Re: i mean..we are using an illegal hacker operation system

In eowin@libero.it's email, 17-12-2001:
> ..
> i don't know if this is old..
> but simply i haven't words..........
> http://home.dal.net/shrub/Adequacy_org%20%20Is%20Your%20Son%20a%
> 20Computer%20Hacker.htm
> regards,
> Federica Teodori
> .::Unix is userfriendly,it's just selective about who his friends 
> are::.

Wow.  You sir, have made my day. 
This was some of the best satire I have read in a long while.
The comments are the kicker though.

"I see no reason why I should lose any email just because a few 
continents got nuked." --Terje Elde
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