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Re: I was wrong! (FW: RE: A request)

My company just dumped about 2000 people. In my group, we got rid of techies who were under the impression they knew it all and had "no need to read any book by anyone...."

As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon!"

At 03:52 PM 04/22/2001 -0300, Carlos Laviola wrote:

What ever.

 I have already turned over the issue to those that will get it solved. I am
personally one of the top Network Engineers in the country, and I know
exactly how to read a header, tcp/ip packet, even machine language, binary,
hexadecimal, or just about ay other computer related language, protocol,
etc..., if I had to. I have no need to read any book by anyone, as I design
and implement Operating Systems and design chipsets to work with processors,
among other things.

Thank you for your concern. I wish you all of the luck in life that you do
so deserve.

Michael Green
Dataman's Inc.

Robert W. Rowe                         Winstar Systems Group
Sr. Software Engineer                    Work:  703.889.2323
     A/N pager:  800.465.8894 (no PIN) or 4658894@skytel.com

One day in March my commute was pretty bad. I left home in
late winter and didn't get to work until early spring.

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