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Re: RE: A request

New Zealand huh?
my girlfriend is over there right now
back to the normal topic
this guy deserves every amount of abuse he gets, its all warranted.
its ok to be born stupid and arrogant, but to get that way through your own
self belief is just ignorant and immature :)
Tomaas Ortega
"Hey, does anybody else hear that giant sucking sound? That's my will to
www.csfb.com.au - coming soon
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> Dude - you have to watch that word "buffoon"
> Here in New Zealand a shareholder for a middle-sized ISP called the CEO of
> Domainz (the approved domain name registry company) a buffoon in a usenet
> posting.  The resulting court action went on for 18 months, and ended up
> with the court saying (essentially) "but you are a buffoon"
> Then again... its blatently obvious here...
> At 10:06 AM 4/23/01 +1000, you wrote:
> >personally?
> >wouldnt that imply that he himself thinks hes one of the top network
> >engineers?
> >maybe his peers dont think that
> >i know i dont
> >:)
> >my 10 year old nephew could do a better job than what this buffoon is
> > > > From: dataman@datamans.com
> > > [...]
> > >  > I am personally one of the top Network Engineers in the country...
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> Criggie
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