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Re: RE: A request

Dude - you have to watch that word "buffoon"

Here in New Zealand a shareholder for a middle-sized ISP called the CEO of Domainz (the approved domain name registry company) a buffoon in a usenet posting. The resulting court action went on for 18 months, and ended up with the court saying (essentially) "but you are a buffoon"

Then again... its blatently obvious here...

At 10:06 AM 4/23/01 +1000, you wrote:
wouldnt that imply that he himself thinks hes one of the top network
maybe his peers dont think that
i know i dont
my 10 year old nephew could do a better job than what this buffoon is doing

> > From: dataman@datamans.com
> [...]
>  > I am personally one of the top Network Engineers in the country...


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