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RE: A request

Mr. Black,

Since I was notified by my server that someone had used my server as a relay
station for spam, I shut it down within 12 hours of it starting,
reconfigured and blocked the IP's of the originator. Then one week later he
hackers/spammers found another very tricky way to get into my mail server. I
blocked that one in less than 20 minutes of it happening. After doing
extensive research on the ip headers of the originator (tracked by truly
unforgeable methods of authentication, verification and then documentation),
we have isolated the spam as originating from the alias your server issued
to a server that someone on your server spammed. This is without any doubt.
If you did not do it, then I suggest you check on the ones that have access
to your server. It was a very cute little spam bomb, advertising a bogus
credit card capture and check capture system. The FBI has been notified, and
it is being investigated. It is out of my hands.

Michael Green
Dataman's Inc.

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From: 	S.J. Black [mailto:alphafemale@radiant.net] 
Sent:	Thursday, April 19, 2001 6:20 PM
To:	dataman@datamans.com; debian-curiosa@lists.debian.org
Subject:	A request


I'm on a mailing list on which was aired your vehemnt threat against
spammers. One has to subscribe to the mailing list, and yet you claim
this list has been spamming you. The punchline for all of us is that you
have spammed our list.

It hasn't occurred to you that the .org extension might indicate it's
not a company. It also hasn't occurred to you that you may be
"hollering" against people with whom you have no valid complaint. 

I notice your run a business of a technical nature: why then must you
reconfigure your firewalls and e-mail servers when you're "hit"? I would
guess that such an accomplished technical person as yourself would hve
no trouble setting up spam filters and creating very tight rules on your

I'd be pleased to help you with this aspect of your business.

I'd also recommend highly that you cease contact with Debian altogether.
We'll all be much happier without inane threats. Certainly any bit of
extra bandwidth that can be saved
by you not contacting the listmaster will, I'm sure, be appreciated.
Debian runs several 
popular and high-traffic mailing lists. Spam is, last time I heard
(about 2 months ago), not one of the more appreciated forms of
communication on these lists. 

Please consider this a professional request.

S.J. Black

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