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RE: A request

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On 20-Apr-2001 dataman@datamans.com wrote:
> Mr. Black,
> Since I was notified by my server that someone had used my server as a relay
> station for spam, I shut it down within 12 hours of it starting,
> reconfigured and blocked the IP's of the originator. Then one week later he
> hackers/spammers found another very tricky way to get into my mail server. I
> blocked that one in less than 20 minutes of it happening. After doing
> extensive research on the ip headers of the originator (tracked by truly
> unforgeable methods of authentication, verification and then documentation),
> we have isolated the spam as originating from the alias your server issued
> to a server that someone on your server spammed. This is without any doubt.
> If you did not do it, then I suggest you check on the ones that have access
> to your server. It was a very cute little spam bomb, advertising a bogus
> credit card capture and check capture system. The FBI has been notified, and
> it is being investigated. It is out of my hands.

Mr. Green, I think you're wrong. Maybe you spotted a "Debian" in the middle of
the Received: lines and thought we did it. But please, don't accuse us of
industrial sabotage. Our firm has had zero profit last year (just like every
other year, by the way; bad luck or what?) so I guess we won't be able to pay
you much. You can have some of our shares, though. Thank you. 

On a serious side note, before calling the FBI, stop by a library and buy
yourself some books, a few HOWTO's on the 'net for free even. It won't take

> Michael Green
> President
> Dataman's Inc.
> michael@datamans.com

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