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Re: Women in Debian

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 12:32:25PM -0000, Patrick Lambe wrote:
>> ...These kind of men don´t give you proper counter arguments,
>> they simply claim to know the absolute truth and sometimes
>> in the end they even yell at you. Men with this specific
>> attitude to their holy technology usually have trouble to
>> accept women as discussion partners....
> Men like this generally have trouble accepting anybody, male or female, who
> holds a different view, as their discussion partners... But then I've had
> the same from female sysadmins so I'm not conviced this is necessarily a
> male/female thing, more a personality-type thing.

i was going to respond to kerstin (sp?) about this, but you basically said
exactly what i was going to say...

it *is* more of a personality kind of thing rather than a gender-issue. i
think, however, that guys may be more inclined to have their personality
developed *in* that direction. according to most studies, men *do* tend to
be more competitive, so let's not rule that out either.

in the end, however, we'll probably just theorize our collective asses off,
and never pinpoint it exactly, since there are probably a *lot* of unknown
parameters we simply don't know about. *shrug*


When you are having a bad day, and it seems like everybody is trying to piss
you off, remember that it takes 42 muscles to produce a frown, but only 4
muscles to work the trigger of a good sniper rifle.

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