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RE: Women in Debian


On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Jan Martin Mathiassen wrote:

> > Then the women would join and that would increase the average
> > male engineer's chances a ton.
> speaking of learning to <insert appropriate action> ... a lot of geeks i
> know of are quite articulate, dress normally, eat normally, chew with their
> mouth closed, even bathe more than once a month (yum...). there are more
> serious issues than those that prevent them from dating.

E. g. like sitting in front of a computer all the time, or if meeting
people without computer knowledge, not being able to switch to other
items holding monologues about computer tech all the time.

Concerning women and computers (or technologies in general), there are
still men around, who treat woman like they are technological idiots and
unfortunately there are still women around who believe in it, because
they were told since their childhood. It seems to be different in the
Linux community. Whether I was participating in lists or met Linuxer
somewhere else, I usually had the feeling of being taken serious. But I
can remember really disgusting situations, e.g. when I was
trying to "discuss" things with one so-called arrogant system
administrator of our institute (luckily he is gone now). These kind of
men don´t give you proper counter arguments, they simply claim to know
the absolute truth and sometimes in the end they even yell at you. Men
with this specific attitude to their holy technology usually have
trouble to accept women as discussion partners. It seems quite obvious
to me, that they suffer from an inferiority complex, but they cause the
damage driving at least some potentially interested women away from





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