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RE: Women in Debian

> If men in computers spent more time learning how to talk, dress,
> eat, bathe and dance they wouldn't creep out the women so much.

oh boy, i just had a bad idea ... a bad spoof of men in black -
men in computers... i guess i'll just have to blame monty python for that

> Then the women would join and that would increase the average
> male engineer's chances a ton.

speaking of learning to <insert appropriate action> ... a lot of geeks i
know of are quite articulate, dress normally, eat normally, chew with their
mouth closed, even bathe more than once a month (yum...). there are more
serious issues than those that prevent them from dating.

> It looks like mutually reinforcing beenficial behavior.
> However, the advantages of being good in this field at this time
> are so high that many people choose to forgo things like
> dressing and bathing.


When you are having a bad day, and it seems like everybody is trying to piss
you off, remember that it takes 42 muscles to produce a frown, but only 4
muscles to work the trigger of a good sniper rifle.

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