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Re: women in debian

"Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shaleh@valinux.com> wrote:
>I hope to see more women, more groups from around the world.  I enjoy
>being proved wrong as much as I enjoy being right.

I didn't answer this right away because the original questioner asked how
many women debian *developers* there were out there -- I'm not a developer,
but I'm an active debian (and other linux) user and I'm a woman. I'm
self-taught and have learned to write little scripts and put together
hardware for my computers and it's a great, useful hobby. Eventually I'll
learn some languages and try development.

I participate in other linux lists (though I just lurk here usually). I
sometimes sign my whole name and sometimes just use my initials (a habit
from work). So sometimes the list can see I am female and other times I'm
anonymous. I've never been treated any differently one way or the other. I
don't see where it matters on the whole, but it's really nice when men are
curious and welcoming toward women. Women are not encouraged to try
technical things, but those who do gradually encourage other women and
eventually everything will even out.

I can't figure out why more women don't like technology, but I do lots of
"male" type things and have a male-type blue collar job and like getting my
hands dirty so it seemed natural to dig in to computers. People who go
beyond stereotypes to find what they really enjoy usually are happier in
the long run.

Mary P.

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