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Bug#1003653: Revision of removal of rename.ul from package util-linux


Thanks to everyone for your contributions to this discussion. I think we're at the point where voting is appropriate.

I propose a ballot as follows - if no-one suggests further options in the mean time, I will call for a vote on this ballot on Tuesday, after the weekend of public holidays.


There are two "rename" programs - the perl rename, and the util-linux rename. Debian and its derivatives have shipped the perl rename as /usr/bin/rename, whilst other distributions (e.g. Fedora) have shipped the util-linux rename thus. The two implementations are incompatible. Users might reasonably desire both implementations to be available on the same system.

Backwards-compatibility (and the lack of a compelling argument that util-linux's rename is significantly superior to the perl rename) means that /usr/bin/rename in Debian should remain the perl rename.

Prior to bullseye, util-linux's rename was shipped as /usr/bin/rename.ul; Debian's users who wish to use util-linux's rename will expect it to be in this location.

===End Rationale

===Begin Resolution

The Technical Committee resolves that util-linux's rename should be shipped in a binary package build from src:util-linux. If this package Conflicts with the rename package, then it should not contain any other binaries.

The Technical Committee overrides the util-linux maintainer, and requires that this binary should be shipped as /usr/bin/rename.ul

===End Resolution

A: Approve resolution, including override of util-linux maintainer
B: Approve only first paragraph of resolution
N: None of the above


ps; my first TC resolution, please be gentle if I have the procedure wrong!

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