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Bug#975075: tech-ctte: Should maintainers be able to block init compatibility changes?

Matthew writes:
> * We've talked about the burden already; there are people willing and
>   able to help with this, and that offer remains good, be that by
>   providing patches, MRs, help with bug reports on non-systemd systems,
>   NMUs, or some other mechanism that Michael would prefer

I think that it is worth mentioning, in this context, the burden on
the other side.  That is, the burden Debian places on those who want
to "explore alternatives to systemd", as the GR puts it.

The non-systemd community has suffered many unexplained or
poorly-explained deletions of working functionality, and several other
kinds of blockages.  Each time we need very careful escalation to the
DPL and the TC etc. [1]

This continual fight to not have working things deleted (or broken
without good reason) is *much* more work than we are asking of the
maintainers of core packages like network-manager.

The opposition we face, and the consequential burden of constant
emotional and political attrition is *the only real impediment* to
having really good support for alternative init systems in Debian.

It is also a drain on the energy of the people who would otherwise be
developing and integrating alternatives to both systemd and sysvinit.


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