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Bug#975075: tech-ctte: Should maintainers be able to block init compatibility changes?


On 21/12/2020 23:36, Elana Hashman wrote:

The maintainer, Michael Biebl, reached out to the tech-ctte privately. I
have summarized his reasoning for why he dropped support for elogind and
the init script that prompted this bug:

Thanks. There's little point trying to have this discussion with Michael by proxy, I suspect, but I thought I would make a couple of observations on what he says; I will try and not repeat myself too much, although he does raise things that have already come up in this bug.

* While we have largely talked about sysvinit here, the issues here do relate to other init systems - elogind integration is useful for all non-systemd inits

* I appreciate that there is a tension between maximally integrating systemd-specific features into the distribution and maintaining compatibility with other init systems. There was an option to do so in the init system GR, and it did not win. So while the GR allowed for project consensus to shift over time, I don't think acting as if option F "focus on systemd" won within the same release cycle is really on

* We've talked about the burden already; there are people willing and able to help with this, and that offer remains good, be that by providing patches, MRs, help with bug reports on non-systemd systems, NMUs, or some other mechanism that Michael would prefer

* I think the difficulty of elogind support is overstated - in the case of network-manager, there are a number of people who are running it thus without issue



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