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Bug#975075: tech-ctte: Should maintainers be able to block init compatibility changes?

Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name> writes:

> It is difficult to think further about this without input from the
> maintainer as to how much this was a part of his motivation, and what
> experiences he has had led him to think in that way.

Hi All,

Could I just check if there's a point of common acceptability which both
sides of this discussion could live with?

Please don't assume that I'm offering this as a preferred outcome. I
would hope that we can come up with something better than this, but I
think that agreeing that this is an acceptable and achievable baseline
would provide a foundation on which to build something better.

My suggestion for a mutually bearable solution would be that the
network-manager package could have its dependency on libpam-systemd
changed to instead be something like:

  libpam-systemd | network-manager-nonsystemd

and that the init diversity folks could then take responsibility for
satisfying that optional dependency as they see fit in order to keep
network-manager available on non-systemd systems, which should insulate
the network-manager maintainer from almost all of the effort involved.

I say 'almost all' because I would imagine that non-systemd-related bugs
might be reported against network-manager occasionally, and need to be
reassigned, and one could also imagine that upstream might change things
in a way that was clearly going to break things on non-systemd systems,
in which case it would be polite if the network-manager maintainer would
open a bug mentioning that change against the network-manager-nonsystemd
package, etc.

If you think this approach is impractical for some reason, please say
so, because what I have in mind as a better option does rather rely on
this being available as a plausible fall-back position.

Cheers, Phil.
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