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Bug#976462: tech-ctte: Should dbgsym files be compressed via objcopy --compress-debug-section or not?

Hello Niels,

On Sat 05 Dec 2020 at 01:12PM +01, Niels Thykier wrote:

> The underlying arguments for and against --compress-debug-section appear
>  to be "download size" vs. "installed disk usage" vs. "Tooling support".
>  Though I ask you to please read the bugs #631985 and #922744 for the
> details of the arguments by both proponents.

Just had a look a these, thank you.

ISTM that the arguments in favour of compressing are more concrete right
now: in #631985 there is the example of debugging KDE requiring more
than 10G of disc space.  (Nine years later perhaps it is more.)  On the
other hand, in #922744, there is only an unsubstantiated reference to
tooling support.

I'm going to write to the submitter of #922744 asking for more info.

> Why punt it to you?
> ===================
> [...]

I think the reasons you give are all reasonable.

Sean Whitton

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