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Bug#857257: Re: Supporting configuration file changes between versions in unstable/testing

Andreas Beckmann <anbe@debian.org> writes:

> On 2017-03-09 18:00, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> To be fair to Pirate, Andreas Beckmann suggested #856606 that if
>> Pirate disagreed with Andreas, Pirate should go to the TC.
> The disagreement between Pirate and me is not about the RC-ness of
> #856606, but more about the general requirement of working upgrade
> paths.

Looking at the bug, I see that the issue involves this bit of code:

  export $(cat /etc/gitlab/gitlab-debian.conf)

(and other variations thereof) used in the maintainer scripts, and
suggested in the README as something for the user to run.

It strikes me as rather fragile, and likely to misbehave in surprising
ways -- e.g. if one comments out a line in the file with '# ' then the
setting will still get set.

Is it not possible to patch the code of the package to contain the
default paths internally, so that it is not essential to populate the
environment before running things?

Failing that, how about setting the defaults and exporting them in a
wrapper script, which could also source the config file (in the more
normal way) before then invoking rake (or whatever), and then using that
in place of running rake etc. directly?

Either of these should mean that one could have an empty/missing config
file under /etc, or include comments in the config file, and still have
things work properly.

I suspect that much of the tangled code for handling the config files
would drop away if you did this, which ought to also ensure that this
bug would disappear.

Cheers, Phil.
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