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Bug#857257: Re: Supporting configuration file changes between versions in unstable/testing

On 2017-03-09 18:00, Ian Jackson wrote:
> To be fair to Pirate, Andreas Beckmann suggested #856606 that if
> Pirate disagreed with Andreas, Pirate should go to the TC.

The disagreement between Pirate and me is not about the RC-ness of
#856606, but more about the general requirement of working upgrade paths.

This is my understanding of Pirate's point:

  "Package P hasn't been part of any stable release so far, therefore
   upgrades from earlier package versions don't have to be supported.
   So not having a working upgrade path from version 1.2-3 in testing
   to version 1.2-5 unstable is not a bug."

I didn't find anything in the policy about upgrade requirements ...
but I think there is a general agreement that direct upgrades must work
(and only skipping over stable releases is not supported).


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