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Bug#830344: Moving forward with the Project Roadmap question

There seems to be mostly agreement on the fact that we want the Project Roadmap
to contain goals with owners, allowing to track the progress of the goals and
helping the owners promote them.  As has been noted by Mehdi, this has a lot of
nice effects like improving project wide communication of efforts going on,
finding new people to work on new ideas and even finding potential sponsors for
the work.

It also seems that there is some consensus on the fact that the Roadmap team
would have mainly an advisory role towards developers, helping people make sure
that their goals can be achieved, putting them in contact with the right
stakeholders, verifying that they are not forgetting something important. And
not being a "you can work on this" or "you can't work on that" body.

One slightly contentious part is how the goals that are actually published in
the Roadmap get decided. I proposed through a yearly GR (each goal individually,
not the whole Roadmap as one thing). Mehdi wants the team in charge of the
Roadmap to decide.

The other slightly contentious thing is whether the TC should be the Roadmap
team, have an advisory role towards the Roadmap team or not be involved as a
body at all (individual members are of course free to do as they want).

From our last IRC meeting, and the few opinions from TC members on this bug, my
feeling is that most TC members don't want to have the TC be the Roadmap team.

Additionally, during the BOF, a roster for a proto-Roadmap team was gathered,
and Mehdi has stated that he hasn't moved forward with that group because he was
giving us time to discuss our involvement first. So, it seems that our lack of
decision is stifling possible work being done by other people.

It's now been more than a month since this thread started and we don't seem to
have much traction. I propose that we take a vote with the following options:

1) The TC will be the Roadmap Team
2) The TC will act as an advisor to the Roadmap Team
3) The TC will not be involved as body with the Roadmap Team
4) Further Discussion

If we vote for being the Roadmap team, we can then decide how we will operate.
But I don't think it makes sense to keep discussing what the Roadmap team should
do if we will end up deciding we don't want to be the Roadmap team.

Given that I'm new in the team, I'm explicitly not calling for the vote, but
proposing this vote, as I would first like to hear if this makes sense to the
other members.


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