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Re: Comp Code Net Web Server - Interested in Adding as a Debian Package

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg McPherran <GMc@CompCodeNet.com> writes:

    Greg> Hello, The Comp Code Net Web Server is a complete web server
    Greg> coded in C++ and compiled and tested on Debian Jessie. Our web
    Greg> site http://www.CompCodeNet.com runs on the web server on
    Greg> Debian 8 (Jessie) and the complete source code is on the
    Greg> download section of our web site. Included is a service file
    Greg> for systemd on Debian 8.

    Greg> I am interested in packaging the web server for inclusion with
    Greg> Debian releases.

The debian-mentors list would  probably be a better place to ask this

However, I'd recommend starting by reading the Debian new maintainers

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