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Re: Bug#797533: New CTTE members

On Wed, Sep 09, 2015 at 05:30:03PM +0100, Wookey wrote:

> So what I learned from this is that, as currently operating, the
> committee is incapable of making quick 'overrule unreasonableness'
> decisions. My overriding impression was that those involved simply did
> not have the time available that would be be needed to enable that.

No, what you see here is that the TC did not agree with you that the
maintainer's action was unambiguously unreasonable under the circumstances.
There was a substantive technical dispute between maintainers about how
certain related packages were being handled in the archive; this is not
solved by summarily overruling the maintainer of one of the packages.

If you conclude from this that raising the issue to the TC was not an
effective way to see your grievance addressed under those circumstances,
I won't disagree with you.  But you are asserting that the reason for this
is that the TC is unable to act quickly to overrule.  This is not the case;
there is historical precedent for quick overrules by the TC where there is
actual agreement that this is appropriate.

That said, if developers have expectations of the TC that don't match
reality, that seems worth addressing.

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