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Bug#797533: New CTTE members

Le lundi, 31 août 2015, 09.55:24 Sam Hartman a écrit :
> I'd like to have a discussion about what we want from TC members
> before we make a call for nominations.

Absolutely; I only opened a bug to put the question on our table, but 
timing is clearly one aspect of the discussion surrounding the picking 
of new TC members.

> The biggest question I have is how much time do we expect TC members
> to have available for the TC.

One problem we have, I think, is that we allowed issues to get stalled 
for quite long periods of time [0]. We should discipline ourselves to 
not let this happen, and use our regular IRC meetings to assign tasks 
between us (as well as actually assign issue mentors). Stalled issues 
are really painful to put back on the table, as the context has to be 
fully rebuilt.

Another problem we currently face, I think, is that we have multiple 
subjects on the table currently getting to conclusion in parallel. This 
parallellism imposes high bandwidth constraints on the TC members.

What I really would hope new TC members could bring is more an ability 
to react in bursts rather than a commitment to spend a fixed amount of 
hours per week/month. I'm totally aware that this might not be 
appealing or even realistic, but so far, this really seems to be what's 
needed to push issues to conclusion.


[0] More than one year for #636783 super-majority fix
    8 months to acknowledge the #750135 aptitude maintainer bug

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