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Bug#686235: Committee list of decisions on webpage is incomplete

Le jeudi, 30 août 2012, 13.29:57 Ian Jackson a écrit :
> Stefano Zacchiroli writes ("Re: Bug#686235: Committee list of 
decisions on webpage is incomplete"):
> > The bug title makes me believe I didn't convey the scope of my
> > comment well enough. I was referring specifically to the
> > _nontechnical_ decisions section, which seems to boil down
> > essentially to appointments.
> I would like these properly recorded too.
> > For the rest, I fully agree it's worth (and important) documenting
> > technical decisions. Given you're working on standardizing BTS usage
> > for tech-ctte purposes, automation can probably be built on top of
> > that.
> Heh.

Ian: do you still intend to work towards this?

By the way, is this still a problem, and if so: would you have an 
example of a missing decision?


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