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Bug#762194: Initial draft of affirming transition to systemd as default for #762194

On Wed, 10 Dec 2014, Josh Triplett wrote:
> I'd used "the Technical Committee considered" rather intentionally in
> the wording I suggested, to avoid any of the controversy around "was
> asked" from the previous last decision. Not going to push for that,
> just pointing it out as intentional.

We really were asked, as the CTTE itself doesn't decide to consider
something. I've tweaked the wording slightly.

> While it's a bit of a nitpick, the transition plan involves more than
> just the init package

The groundwork for it was already there thanks to Steve's work; the
transition plan was really just the init package. But since it doesn't
hurt anything, modified.

> I'd suggested clarifying that this applies to both upgraded systems
> and new installs. Thoughts on that clarification?

Sure; it seems obvious to me, but since it's what I mean, clarified.

> Typo: s/swithc/switch/

Fixed, thanks.

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