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Bug#762194: Initial draft of affirming transition to systemd as default for #762194

On Wed, 10 Dec 2014 14:35:32 -0800 Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Dec 2014, Josh Triplett wrote:
> > This doesn't seem like an accurate description of #762194. #762194 was
> > not specificlaly a request for the TC to override the maintainers of
> > "init" to change the alternative order.
> Well, more specifically, it was to override the transition plan (namely,
> to transition installs to systemd by default upon upgrade) which the
> maintainers of the init package had already proposed and implemented.

Fair enough.  I just didn't want the statement to reference any specific
technical proposal for doing so, especially when not advocating that
proposal (and not incorporating the additional changes that such a
proposal would require, such as to debootstrap or d-i).

> I've clarified this, and adopted the other changes:
> In #762194, the Technical Committee was asked to use its power under
> §6.1.4 to override the transition plan of the init package maintainers
> to have both new installs and upgrades use systemd by default.

I'd used "the Technical Committee considered" rather intentionally in
the wording I suggested, to avoid any of the controversy around "was
asked" from the previous last decision.  Not going to push for that,
just pointing it out as intentional.

> 1. The CTTE determined in #727708 that systemd should be the default
>    init system in Debian. 
> 2. In https://lists.debian.org/87mwc9gfsw.fsf@xoog.err.no, the
>    maintainers of the init package announced their transition plan for
>    migrating to systemd as the default init system on both installs
>    and new upgrades.
> 3. The init package currently in jessie implements this transition.

While it's a bit of a nitpick, the transition plan involves more than
just the init package; it also includes the sysvinit packages (sysvinit
and sysvinit-core).  Perhaps s/package/packages/ (and
s/implements/implement/), since "init packages" logically includes
sysvinit, systemd, and other init system packages?

> ==OPTION A==
> Using its power under §6.1.5 to make statements:
> 3. The CTTE affirms the decision of the init system package
>    maintainers to transition to systemd by default.

I'd suggested clarifying that this applies to both upgraded systems and
new installs.  Thoughts on that clarification?  (Given that this
additional TC deliberation and statement occurred specifically because
the original decision in #727708 did not specify upgrades versus new
installs, spelling that out explictly in the statement and not just in
the frontmatter seems preferable.)

> 4. The CTTE appreciates the effort of Debian contributors to mitigate
>    any issues with the transition by:
>    a) Providing a fallback boot entry for sysvinit when systemd is the
>    default init in grub (#757298)
>    b) Developing a mechanism to warn on inittab configurations which
>    are unsupported in systemd. (#761063)
>    c) Providing documentation on how to remain with sysvinit on
>    upgrades and swithc to sysvinit upon installation.

Typo: s/swithc/switch/

>    d) Numerous bug reports and fixes by contributors who have tested
>    the systemd migration in their configurations.
> 5. The CTTE advises (without overriding any Debian contributor,
>    maintainer, or team) that any such mitigations should be included
>    in jessie, to ensure a smooth transition for Debian users.

Thank you for adding this.

- Josh Triplett

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