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Bug#766708: experience report on the default method

On Thu, Dec 04, 2014 at 06:14:02PM +0100, Helmut Grohne wrote:
> After covering all of the above, the glibc/gcc dance can be completed,
> but the resulting compiler is not installable. It depends on libc6-amd64
> (:amd64), which is unsatisfiable because there only is a
> libc6-amd64:x32. It seems that this dependency is inserted by
> dpkg-shlibdeps reading it from the (unconverted) symbols file of the
> converted package libc6-amd64-x32-cross. Unfortunately, Guillem Jover
> expressed no interest to add further multilib specific code to
> dpkg-shlibdeps. Then it can be worked around by using

This is now known as #772184 (dpkg) and has a patch.

> So a non-multilib cross compiler actually is installable, but it does
> not look into /usr/include/<triplet> for includes, so you cannot build
> any packages with it. Note that this failure may be due to bugs in
> DEB_CROSS_NO_BIARCH and may go away when fixing the spurious libc6-amd64
> dependency properly.

Turns out that I missed the part in gcc's debian/README.cross[1] that
told me to set WITH_SYSROOT=/. This is a non-issue.

So what remains is my question on how to obtain libgcc1 at

I consider fixing these four bugs (with patches, one already fixed in
sid) plus the libgcc1 issue as a resolution of the ctte bug.


[1] http://sources.debian.net/src/gcc-4.9/latest/debian/README.cross/

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