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Bug#766708: Processed: Re: Bug#766708: breaks multiarch cross building

Reading this bug report title & history, it is very misleading.

Building cross-toolchains, and cross-toolchains that are multiarch
compatible has been possible to do before (stable) and is possible in
current planned release (testing).

I have provided the documentation links to that in

New feature of gcc packaging was developed in jessie - building
multiarch compatible toolchains bootstrapped with aid from
pre-existing foreign-arch multiarch packages. This new feature has
been enabled and exposed, however subsequently failed peer review &
found to be incomplete for jessie and thus public interface to those
codepaths have been made private. This has been communicated to all
parties involved. This bug has then been opened, and reading the
history of it there are quite a few inaccuracies in it.

To resolve deficiencies of the proposed patches further work is needed
that is being undertaken. Specifically landing improvements to our
buildd network & sbuild to enable multiarch repository access during
building, packaging/preparing toolchain-base packages (that is
building host-arch libc & linux-headers without requiring enabling
multiple architectures neither during their build, nor buildds, or the
resultant toolchain time nor requiring access to multiarch
repositories). Not only that is stand-alone, it also is more resilient
against architecture skew. For more details see wookey and/or hist
talk at Mini-Debocnf 2013 in Cambridge.

In that sense, developers involved are working on a consensus way to
improve cross-building in Debian. There is no need for a ruling or
overrides - since there is no completed solution available yet. The
original request here seems to originate from dissatisfaction that
proposed patches failed peer review and ended up applied, but



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