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Bug#766708: Processed: Re: Bug#766708: breaks multiarch cross building

Comparing squeeze and jessies - have things regressed? if yes, how?

As far as I expect, the way one uses debian source packaging to
produce cross toolchains has not changed, nor has been affected by
changes in jessie, in comparison to squeeze.

Multiarch cross-building - a brand new set of features in a set of
debian source packages, is only interesting for targetting existing
debian architectures as it relies on the existing presence of packages
from said architectures to exist (e.g. to use the newly, partially
complete multiarch cross tooling to make a cross from A to B, libc6:B
must already exist). Thus multiarch cross tooling is not so relevant
for fresh bootstraps, and/or targeting non-debian architectures, or
otherwise incomplete systems (e.g. those that do not have compatible
set of pre-compiled binaries that use multiarch-paths, and as far as I
can tell only debian and debian derivates have adopted support for
multiarch toolchain paths).

Granted, the multiarch cross toolchain tooling almost made it into
jessie, however it is incomplete and from maintainer's point of view
not supportable in a stable release.

Can we all settle and move these developments to experimental
targeting for stretch, instead?



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