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Bug#762194: a technical proposal

Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl> (2014-11-22):
> Hi!
> As Ansgar requests technical solutions, here's one:
> just like systemd-shim|systemd-sysv, switch the "init" package from
>   Pre-Depends: systemd-sysv | sysvinit-core | upstart
> to
>   Pre-Depends: sysvinit-core | systemd-sysv | upstart
> The set of packages installed by d-i / debootstrap is steered by hard-coded
> scripts, thus new systems can default to whatever is set there.  On the
> other hand, during upgrades, the init system is driven by apt's resolution
> of the above pre-dependency.  If systemd-sysv or upstart were already
> installed, no change is done; if none of these three packages is present,
> apt would install sysvinit-core, preserving existing init system.

Proposing “solutions” based on wrong facts (see Tollef's reply) and
without including the respective maintainers in the loop doesn't look
like the right way to solve technical issues.


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