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Re: Resigning from the Technical Committee


On Sun, 2014-11-16 at 17:34 -0800, Russ Allbery wrote: 
> I resign from the Debian Technical Committee, effective immediately.
What a shame :-(

Thanks for your many years of excellent work.

I think this is a very big loss for the TC and Debian, since you showed
great wisdom and technical knowledge as well as commitment to work
yourself into an issue brought up to the TC, and all its background.

Of course one has to respect your decision, especially in the light of
personal burden that the work for the TC put upon you, but I guess I'd
be more than happy if someone would nominate you again.

They recent "developments" around the TC and all the political parties
and agendas involved, make it even more regretful that you felt you'd
have to resign now. 

> I'm also not comfortable being part of the governance process when I'm not
> deeply involved in the work.
Actually I think the opposite is the case.
Making a good decision should only require technical, scientific and
long-term political knowledge - which you undoubtedly all have.
Being to deeply involved in one of the parts one have to decide upon,
usually leads to political questions (biased?) and a less neutral

Debian is a do-ocracy, which has practical advantages but also
In the long term it may very well mean that it destroys the basis for
minorities and for diversity.

In that light it seems even more bad that especially you resigned. Also
the plans for a maximum term on the TC membership seems not really
compelling to me - it just means that it will become even more easy to
put political pressure on the TC or to have people becoming member,
which are deeply involved in one of the matters brought up before the

Thanks anyway,

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