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Re: Resigning from the TC

Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> writes:

> I hereby declare my intent to resign from the Debian Technical
> Committee.  The Constitution doesn't really have a clear procedure for
> handling resignations here; I expect the TC will want to appoint a new
> member, which I appreciate might take a while.  Subject to advice from
> the DPL and/or the TC Chair, I'd be willing to stay in post until no
> later than the end of January or until a new member is appointed, or
> alternatively to have my resignation take effect immediately.  Let me
> know what seems best.

I would prefer you retain your seat on the TC at least until the current
GR concludes and we see what, if any, action Ian Jackson chooses to take
in the wake of that GR.

Particularly with Russ' resignation that I read this morning, I would
like to avoid resignations precipitating an imminent constitutional
crisis, so that the work to draft a proposed GR tweaking things like TC
composition, term limits, etc, can proceed with due consideration to a
natural conclusion. 

I'm intentionally not making this a public message in case you'd like to
"negotiate" this a bit first.  Keeping leader@ in the CC list, though,
of course.  Let me know what you think and we'll go from there. 

> I appreciate that the timing is such that this looks like a response to
> Joey's mails, or perhaps to some other recent discussions.  That isn't
> the case.  I've been doing a good deal of refactoring of my life
> recently as a result of realising that I was burning out [1], and right
> now it's important that I make an effort to spend my Debian time on
> things I find relaxing rather than things I've been finding stressful.

I completely understand this, and I suspect many of us on the TC are
feeling about the same way right now.  I know I am.

Thanks in any case for your contributions both to the TC and other parts
of the Debian ecosystem over the years.  I greatly value them, and your
friendship, and look forward to continuing to be able to work together
with you on lots more cool stuff in the future!


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