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Re: Understanding the current state

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> This is still a live discussion as far as I'm concerned.  There is some
> debate whether this is even something that the TC should be deciding right
> now (Keith, as I recall, expressed that position).

Right, given that the discussions on this list have been generating what
looks like a pretty darn reasonable consensus on this policy work, I'm
hopeful that we'll be able to resolve this without using the Technical
Committee process. This is not to say that the TC members shouldn't be
involved in this work, only that they should be viewed as Debian
contributors rather than in any special TC role.

§6.3.6 says the TC should only be applied when other efforts have
failed. Frankly, it's pretty darn hard to see the current discussions as
'failed' given how much progress has been made.

I'd like to see the existing formal process for changing Debian Policy
followed to conclusion by generating a proposal to change the policy and
bringing that to the Debian Policy Team. If the Debian Policy Team is
unable to come to consensus, I would invite the parties to bring their
issue to the TC for us to look at.

I know I'm new to the TC, so it's just possible I may not understand
precisely what our role should be; I'd love to hear from people who
think my interpretation is inaccurate.

> proceeding too far with that discussion in Ian's absence.

I think we're all willing to wait for Ian to feel comfortable joining
the party again. His views and experience in this area will be
invaluable in developing the right policy here.


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