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Bug#727708: #727708


please consider ENTIRELY disallowing any mail to that bug, except for the few
CTTE members, no exceptions.
Nothing there currently is of any help, nor providing any new information. Should the CTTE want someone external to add, either you can manually allow them - there shouldn't really be many to come - or they can just forward the few
pieces of useful information they still may need.

If you don't want to do the manual work of adding new people on CTTE request, (something I can understand entirely) I volunteer to do exactly that work for
the time until the issue is resolved, just enable me to do so.

If you need this mail signed, I can only provide that this evening, until which I'm sure there would be another three or four dozen waste mails around, so if you could
act earlier, that would be nice.

bye Joerg

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